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Outlast Arts & Education

Outlast Arts and Education is a volunteer based initiative that facilitates community based education spaces for Black and Indigenous students. We host film and media camps, leadership workshops, community building events and provide educational resources for our students. We are community and socially justice minded and work to contribute to the reversal of the effects of colonization on our communities.


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The Inglewood Community Fridge

While at USC Film School, I held various leadership roles, gained experience consulting on high-profile issues of diversity,

equity, and inclusion and produced a senior thesis project.

The Homiez

After graduating in 2017, I went into producing. I specialized in assisting production teams, account teams, and creative teams to ensure the creation of quality media products that are on time and on budget. I interned at companies like MACRO and Refinery29, assistant coordinated AT&T/Fullscreen HelloLab projects, and I independently produced several shorts and music videos.


Sip and Sonder

At the turn of the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst heightened global focus on race, I took a leap of faith in a different direction to further develop my skills that more tangibly serve my community. I love working with Black independent creatives, nonprofit organizations and

Black owned businesses.


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