My name is Mykaila Williams

& I am an LA based cinematographer.

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As a Black, queer abolitionist and community builder, I use cinematography to help audiences imagine better world for Black people.

While at USC Film School, I held various leadership roles, gained experience consulting on high-profile issues of diversity,

equity, and inclusion and produced a senior thesis project.


After graduating in 2017, I went into producing. I specialized in assisting production teams, account teams, and creative teams to ensure the creation of quality media products that are on time and on budget. I interned at companies like MACRO and Refinery29, assistant coordinated AT&T/Fullscreen HelloLab projects, and I independently produced several shorts and music videos.

At the turn of the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst heightened global focus on race, I took a leap of faith in a different direction to further develop my skills that more tangibly serve my community. I love working with Black independent creatives, nonprofit organizations and

Black owned businesses.

When I'm not shooting, I'm working with Outlast Arts & Education as Assistant Directorhelping develop All In the Family Productions

or making you a cup of specialty coffee.

I am currently freelancing in Los Angeles.